Is it fun raising twins?

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"Fun" can be relative when it comes to raising twins. There is an overwhelming joy when your twins are born. It's a fairly common occurrence, twins and the initial thought of bearing twins can send ripples of happiness through your immediate family. But then reality has a way of settling in. The reality that not one, but two babies are on their way. Two cribs. Two high chairs. Two sets of clothing. How do we tell them apart? Are we going to dress them similar? Are they going to like the same things? Have the same interests? The gambit of emotion and concern can easily take over. How do you prepare for all this?

Well the fun with raising twins is the "unknown". Unknown because at first you think there will be so many similarities that will make things much easier. Sometimes this may be true, but sometimes, well sometimes this couldn't be further from the truth. Regardless of similarities, the amount of "fun" is multiplied times two. You hope that sleep patterns are similar, feeding patterns are similar and for the most part they will be. But those midnight feedings can be a test of ones ability to cope and have patience. Those 2 a.m. feedings can be even more stressful. A great support system will go a long way with the fun in raising twins.

It's go time the minute you bring your twins home. You want to make sure their comfort is key. Their comfort will go a long way towards your own comfort. The simplicity of your set-up will go a long way towards lessening the stress you may encounter. Is everything reachable? If you have a changing table, is it fully stocked with diapers, powders, lotions and anything else you may need for sake of ease?

Feeding twins can be an expensive proposition. The choices on HOW you feed them can add to it. Will these babies be formula fed? Will it be natural breast-feeding? If so, how much pumping is going to be involved. Again, these decisions wil greatly effect how those midnight and 2 a.m. feedings will play out.

Dressing twins can be a challenging but fun experience. But how do you determine if you wish your twins to dress alike or not? Obviously it is personal preference. The key to dressing your twins alike is to first make sure you don't mix them up! Sometimes that is harder than it sounds. Especially after a long night of crying babies and little to no sleep. Personal preference will rule at some point but don't be surprised if you find yourself starting off dressing your twins similar only to see, as they grow and begin to develop their own amazing personalities, that your clothing choices begin to shape as they do.

As the years begin to add and your twins grow from infant to toddler to pre-school and beyond, the fun and joy never cease. Of course there will be rough spots along the way, it simply goes with the territory. But the sheer pleasure of raising two babies, most likely similar in appearance, similar in attitude, similar likes and dislikes truly is a joy. It's an amazing journey, one that should be embraced with everything you've got because the fun in raising twins has no limit.

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