Is there an invisible bond between twins?

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Have you ever wondered if there is an invisible bond between twins? This is something I have often pondered while watching my twins interact and grow. It has been said that twins have been known to share thoughts and feelings. That they are able to finish one another's sentences and know one another's intentions before they are even acted out. There have also been accounts of so called "psychic twins" said to share something supernatural and much harder to fathom.

It is true that siblings, family members and even friends can form strong invisible bonds. So what makes the bond between twins different than that of the bond between others? There is no doubt that twins do in fact share something special. Being created together, formed together, birthed together and growing up side by side, encountering the same milestones around the same time is something that only twins and other multiples can ever truly understand.

The assumption that twins share an inseparable bond is something that most people naturally assume when they hear the word "twins". I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked, "Are your twins best friends?" "Do they like the same, color, food, games etc...?" "Did you have to put them in the same classes at school?". Or the simple statement, "Twins, I bet they're inseparable.".

But what about the other end of this question? The case where twins seem to share nearly no bond at all? The observation of my twins showed an early dependency on each other that later turned into an almost non-existent relationship. They do not share the same interests or hobbies. They spend very little time with each other. In fact the two of them are far closer to their other siblings then they are to each other. That being said, there is still something just special about their relationship.

I have witnessed this on several occasions over the passed 7 years. On any normal day my twins will not say much more than hello to each other. They will engage in games and other family activities together, but most often only when the rest of the family is involved. They have different tastes in food, music and hobbies. They have different styles in clothing and creativity. Yet I have seen amazing examples of their bond come through from time to time. I have seen them upset to the point of physical distress when the other has been hurt. I have seen that when one has an illness the other will show immediate and dire concern.

You must remember that each set of twins is unique and within that set each of them is an unique individual as well. You must also remember to factor in things such as, gender, birth order, siblings, environment, developemental stage and current age. Each of these can have an impact on where their bond stands at that current time.

The bond between twins is something that I can only speculate on. The true mystery of their bond is that which can only be answered by those who have experienced it.

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